Welcome to Chill-Pak™

Cold Chain Packaging Manufacturer

We are a premier manufacturer of polyurethane insulated shipping containers that guarantee the maintenance of internal payload temperatures of highly sensitive products for extended shipping cycles under normal or extreme weather conditions. Our pre-qualified parcel and pallet solutions are specifically designed and fully tested to meet the most stringent performance requirements. We also provide in-stock polyurethane insulated shipping containers ready for immediate shipment needs.

  • Long Shipping Cycles

    Chill-Pak significantly reduces freight costs by
    extending the shipping cycle up to 7 days.
  • Battlefield Tested

    From polar to solar, Chill-Pak products are thermal
    tested and proven under the most extreme
    environmental conditions.
  • World Traveler

    Chill-Pak protects shipments of temperature-sensitive
    products to every corner of the globe.


From R&D to getting your life saving pharmaceuticals to patients, we have a cost-effective solution for your frozen, refrigerated or controlled room temperature shipments.


Shipping human tissue, blood products or laboratory specimens doesn’t have to be difficult. We have pre-qualified solutions for subzero, frozen, refrigerated, and controlled room temperature shipments.


We specialize in getting your high value chemical shipments around the globe. Offering several pre-qualified containers, we have the expertise you need to reduce shipping costs and extend your shipping time.


Let us help you ship your food products across the city or across the world- safely and economically. Frozen or refrigerated … we have a solution.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of talented and experience professionals who have been in the packaging business for over 27 years.

Our Promise

Our promise is to work with each and every client intimately at every step in addressing their unique challenges they face in the shipping process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed all customer expectations with innovative cold chain solutions for their supply chain globally.