Sustainable Cold-Chain Packaging Solutions for
Animal Health Applications

ISTA 3A & 7D/7E Design and Operational-Qualified Shippers

Сonfidently ship animal health vaccines, animal feed, and pharmaceuticals

  • Vaccines
  • Blood and Platelets
  • Animal Tissue
  • Semen
  • Cells
  • DNA
  • Pathogens

Make sure your temperature-sensitive products
arrive at the proper temperature, every time.

Shipping animal tissue, blood products or laboratory specimens
doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose from stock or custom qualified subzero,
frozen, refrigerated, or controlled room temperature packaging solutions
to eliminate even the slightest temperature changes that could
compromise your shipment.

Chill-Pak™ insulated shippers ensure safety and efficacy of animal health
products. Our cold chain packaging solutions are specially designed
to maintain optimal payload temperatures over longer periods of time.

Ship samples confidently via Ground.
Save 40% or more on total shipping costs.

Overnight Shipping Cost

Ground Shipping Cost

Cut freight/shipping costs while ensuring the efficacy and viability
of your animal health shipments over longer shipping durations.

Why choose Chill-Pak™ packaging?

Chill-Pak™ insulated shippers can maintain
temperatures as low as -80°C for up to 196 hours.

Cut shipping costs by eliminating costly
overnight & next-day shipping.

Reduce medical & scientific specimen failures
with Chill-Pak’s cold chain packaging solutions.

Featured animal health temperature
packaging solutions

Specialty parcel shippers for national and global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines requiring ultra-cold temperatures over extreme durations.

Collapsible design allows parcel shippers to ship in flat reducing inbound freight costs and warehouse space. Ship more per pallet.

100% Curbside recyclable padded insulated liners are an economical and cost-effective alternative to non-recyclable EPS/Styrene solutions.

Recyclable unibody parcel shippers rigorously protect high-value products having extreme temperature and duration requirements.

Custom turn-key packaging design solutions for applications requiring a precise fit for superior temperature and shock/vibration protection.Contact us

Return/reuse solutions for true sustainable circular economy. Cost of shippers are driven down through repeated return/reuse.

Collapsible reusable insulated pallet shippers protect high-value palletized bulk shipments in closed-distribution loops. Eliminate refrigerated trucks.

Collapsible interlocking tote panel inserts for long-term reusability within closed-distribution loops. Ideal for DC-to-retail shipments.