Temperature Controlled Packaging for Human & Animal Health Companies

Make sure your clinical samples arrive at the proper temperature, every time.

Shipping human & animal tissue, blood products or laboratory specimens doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose from custom or pre-qualified subzero, frozen, refrigerated, or controlled room temperature packaging solutions to eliminate even the slightest temperature changes that could compromise your shipment.

Chill-Pak insulated shippers ensure safe, ethical shipping of biological samples. Our cold chain packaging solutions are specially designed to maintain optimal sample temperatures over a longer period of time, and monitor temperature throughout transport. Biological materials arrive viable every time.

Cut shipping costs by eliminating costly overnight & next-day shipping. Chill-Pak insulated shippers can maintain temperatures as low as -80°C for up to 196 hours. Ship samples confidently via Ground to save 40% or more on total shipping costs.

Health companies choose Chill-Pak pre-qualified temperature controlled packaging to ship a full spectrum of cold samples and biological materials, including:

Vaccines, Blood and Platelets, Human Tissue, Animal Tissue, Semen, Cells, DNA, and Pathogens.

Extend your shipping cycle. Eliminate rejections. Cut shipping costs by 40% or more. Reduce medical & scientific specimen failures with Chill-Pak’s cold chain packaging solutions.

View pre-qualified insulated shipping containers or request a quote for custom biologics packaging.