Chill-Pak™ specializes in getting your high-value cold chemical shipments around the globe. Our unique shape molding capabilities allow us to create passive insulated shipping containers unlike any other manufacturer.

Chill-Pak™ proudly boasts manufacturing the largest Unibody insulated shipping cooler used specifically ship high-value temperature-sensitive adhesives all over the world. Our unique proprietary process allows us to create solutions for our customers’ most challenging requirements.

Our passive insulated shipping coolers are designed to protect highly sensitive chemicals at frozen, refrigerated, or CRT temperatures for longer periods of time. Chill-Pak™ gets your chemicals where they need to go, safely – whether that’s to an agricultural location or complex manufacturing plant.

Fortune 500 and 1000 companies have used to Chill-Pak™ passive insulated shipping coolers to ship temperature-sensitive specialty chemicals all over the world.

   Liquid chemicals

   Dry chemicals

   High purity chemicals, including but not limited to adhesives.

   Custom cold chain packaging with private labeling for unique chemical applications.

   Insulated PUR shippers for extreme thermal performance and sustainability.

   Bulk insulated pallet shippers for high volume shipments.

If you are:

    • Having excursions or product failures,
    • Need to move towards a sustainable/recycle/returnable solution,
    • Reduce the packaging size or weight,
    • Eliminate overnight & next-day shipping costs,
    • Wanting to avoid high mold costs with custom and/or personalized packaging solution(s), or do not have time to wait and quickly need a solution

Chill-Pak insulated shippers can maintain temperatures as low as -80°C for up to 196 hours. Extend your shipping cycle. Eliminate rejections and product failures. Cut shipping costs by 40% or more with Chill-Pak’s cold chain packaging solutions.

View pre-qualified insulated shipping containers or request a quote for custom chemical packaging.