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Ship specialty pharmaceuticals confidently via Ground. Save 40% or more on total shipping costs.


How can packaging cut shipping costs?

Chill-Pak™’s biopharma cold chain packaging holds your temperature-sensitive products at the required temperature much longer than traditional packaging solutions.

This means you can cut shipping costs while ensuring the efficacy and viability of your specialty pharmaceuticals.

Hospitals, laboratories, specialty pharmacies, and companies conducting clinical trials trust and rely on Chill-Pak™’s assurance that their highly value, high dollar temperature-sensitive products arrive will always arrive safely.

PUR vs EPS temperature control

How does Chill-Pak™ reduce pharma packaging & shipping costs?

  • Eliminate excursions or product failures,
  • Move towards a sustainable/recycle/returnable solution,
  • Reduce the packaging size or weight,
  • Eliminate overnight & next-day shipping costs,
  • Avoid high mold costs with custom and/or personalized packaging solution(s), or
  • Don’t have time to wait and quickly need a solution

Find the best insulated packaging solution for your pharmaceuticals.

Chill-Pak™ Unibody and Knock-Down polyurethane passive insulated shippers (ISCs) can help resolve these issues. Our insulated pharma shippers can maintain temperatures as low as -80°C for up to 196 hours.

Chill-Pak™ pre-qualified custom pharma packaging meets FDA, USDA, & ITSA standards while catering to your unique product requirements.



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Chill-Pak™ Collapsible Insulated Panels for Plastic Reusable Totes

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