Sustainable and Eco-Friendly cold-chain
packaging solutions

ISTA 3A & 7D/7E Design and Operational-Qualified Shippers


At Chill-Pak™, we take sustainability and being eco-friendly seriously. Our sustainable and eco-friendly insulated shippers ensure the safe shipment of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biologics, and food product applications. Constructed with reusable andrecyclable materials, solutions help you achieve your sustainability goals cost-effectively.

Chill-Pak™ TempGuard™
100% Curbside Recyclable Shippers

Winner of Ameristar Award for Sustainble Packaging

A cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly replacement for non-recyclable
EPS (Styrene) Insulated Shippers

1-Day Shippers


2-8°C, 8x8x8 ID
(8.5×8.5×8.5 OD)

2-Day Shippers


2-8°C, 12x12x12 ID
(13x13x13 OD)

8x8x8 EPS

96 / Pallet

8x8x8 Chill-Pak™

880 / Pallet

  • ONLY TRUE 100% Curbside Recyclable Shipper on Market
  • Eco-Friendly Shipper = Cost Non-Recyclable EPS Shipper
  • Reduce Space and Freight Costs (9x More Shippers/Pallet)

Chill-Pak™ Recyclable
PUR Shippers

Winner of Ameristar Award for Sustainble Packaging

Ideal for applications requiring longer durations
or colder shipments

3-Day Shippers


2-8°C, 8x8x8 ID
(12x12x12 OD)

Standard Solutions

24-36 Hours


48-96 Hours

2-3x Longer

Overnight Shipping Cost

Ground Shipping Cost

  • Extends Shipping Cycle (2x Longer Duration)
  • Eliminate Overnight Shipping-Ship via Standard Ground
  • Eliminate Product Excursions and Failures

Why companies choose Chill-Pak™
eco-friendly solutions?

Being serious about sustainability and eco-friendly goes well beyond the actual construction, material, and components used in thermal packaging. Our solutions help reduce your overall carbon footprint, including but not limited to warehouse space, truck space, and fuel usage.

Overcome shipping delays or non-guaranteed shipments.
Save 40% or more on freight/shipping.

Overnight Shipping Cost

Ground Shipping Cost

One-Stop Shop for Comprehensive
Cold-Chain Services

At Chill-Pak™, we are cold-chain packaging experts. Our agility and expertise cover everything from packaging design for the most extreme applications, product/branding differentiation for an intimate unboxing experience, in-house thermal testing, mass production, quick/short batch, runs, kitting and JIT delivery. Our one-stop shop capabilities eliminate hassles and complexities with ISTA qualification much more quickly.

Comprehensive Services

In-house ISTA 3A drop testing, 7D/7E thermal chamber qualification, and distribution testing capabilities

Extreme Performance

Ensure safety/efficacy of Life Sciences products requiring internal product payload temperatures as low as -89ºC up to 120-168 hours under the most rigorous environmental conditions

Custom Shippers

Shippers designed for performance specific applications. Packaging expertise span intricacies including dual compartments with different temperatures, product fragility, and other extreme requirements.

Just-in-time Delivery

Agile setup allows flexible order fulfillment for client companies and pharmacies that have limited space, require short batch runs, or need more product quickly

Mass Production, Kitting & Distribution

Mass production and kitting capabilities with a national distribution footprint

How does Chill-Pak™ packaging reduce
total cost of ownership

Being well-versed in thermal and protective packaging for many applications with an intimate understanding of all aspects of the cold-chain supply chain/distribution allows Chill-Pak™ to help you reduce your total cost of ownership.

  • Eliminate excursions or product failures
  • Move towards a sustainable, recyclable, and/or returnable solution
  • Reduce the packaging size or weight
  • Reduce freight and warehouse space
  • Avoid high mold costs with custom and/or personalized packaging solution(s)
  • Don’t have time to wait and quickly need a solution

Eliminate Overnight Shipping

Stronger insulation properties eliminate overnight/next day shipments

2-3x Longer Duration

Chill-Pak™ cold-chain packaging for hold your temperature-sensitive products at required temperatures much longer than traditional packaging

Battlefield Tested

Clients trust and rely on Chill-Pak™ assurance that their valuable products will always arrive safely

Featured Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
cold-chain packaging solutions

Specialty parcel shippers for national and global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines requiring ultra-cold temperatures over extreme durations.

Collapsible design allows parcel shippers to ship in flat reducing inbound freight costs and warehouse space. Ship more per pallet.

100% Curbside recyclable padded insulated liners are an economical and cost-effective alternative to non-recyclable EPS/Styrene solutions.

Recyclable unibody parcel shippers rigorously protect high-value products having extreme temperature and duration requirements.

Custom turn-key packaging design solutions for applications requiring a precise fit for superior temperature and shock/vibration protection.Contact us

Return/reuse solutions for true sustainable circular economy. Cost of shippers are driven down through repeated return/reuse.

Collapsible reusable insulated pallet shippers protect high-value palletized bulk shipments in closed-distribution loops. Eliminate refrigerated trucks.

Collapsible interlocking tote panel inserts for long-term reusability within closed-distribution loops. Ideal for DC-to-retail shipments.