3 Major Benefits of Chill-Pak™ PUR Inserts For Reusable Totes

pur panel inserts for reusable insulated shipping containers

Applications for 2-8c, CRT (controlled room temperature), and frozen temperatures

Historically speaking, companies looking to ship temperature-sensitive food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biologics, have generally turned to EPS cold-chain packaging solutions but come with its own limitations.

With its limited insulation properties, EPS insulated shipping coolers (ISCs) not only have short duration cycles but are also ineffective from a total cost of ownership standpoint when taking a deeper look into the freight, storage, and disposal challenges that come as a result.

In addition, the issues of the non-recyclability of EPS continues to grow louder with recent environmental legislation developments banning EPS in many states due to its non-biodegradable chemical composition. 

To address these challenges, Chill-Pak™ has developed Collapsible Polyurethane Insulated Panels for Plastic Reusable Totes. This game-changing product comes with significant advantages over conventional EPS.

This article will be taking a look at three major factors that differentiate these PUR inserts for reusable totes from existing temperature-controlled packaging solutions on the market.

3 Benefits of PUR Panels for Reusable Insulated Shipping Containers

1.  Superior Temperature Control 

Product manufacturers can be now assured of product viability and efficacy when their product reaches its destination. Chill-Pak Collapsible Insulated Panels are constructed recyclable polyurethane (PUR) which contains far better R-value compared to EPS. R-value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the shipping container’s R-value, the greater the insulating power.

While EPS based packaging can only maintain the temperature of the product for a 24-36 hour time period, PUR can maintain it 2-3x longer, up to 72 hours. This provides assurance that the temperature-sensitive payload is protected longer in case of unforeseen transit delays. This also means that even for drop off points at the far end of the transport range, manufacturers can be confident about the viability of their product.

This all but eliminates the need for overnight shipping. This single factor alone could translate into cost savings of up to 40%.

2.  Environmental Impact

EPS is a non-biodegradable substance. It is also a fragile material. As this material is used, it has a tendency to flake and break up into smaller pieces making it difficult or to reuse. If EPS is attempted to be reused, it will absorb toxins and chemicals that come into contact with it contaminating the package and its contents in it.

Food, pharmaceuticals, and biologics are especially vulnerable to contamination when packed in EPS. Because of its non-reusability and non-recyclability, not only have many states have banned EPS with others following suit, China has also stopped taking EPS from U.S. companies leaving them with no alternative but to consider other options.

For transporting temperature sensitive items, one important consideration for both the shipping and the receiving company is – who takes on the burden of disposing this material? PUR reusable tote inserts circumvent this problem altogether. Polyurethane panels are highly durable and do not flake or have brittle properties making it ideal for handling during transit. They can be reused multiple times without environmental contamination issues.

3.  Reuse and Storage Benefits

Knockdown reusable plastic totes are ubiquitous in multiple industries, meaning product manufacturers and their distribution centers are likely to have these in their inventory. Reusable PUR tote inserts come in standard sizes so that they can be used with standard reusable tote boxes. With its proprietary molding process, Chill-Pak™ can also provide unique tote insert sizes without the high cost of custom molds.

The reusable tote inserts employs a unique “knock-down” collapsible panel design allowing them to be shipped in or returned flattened, reducing valuable warehouse and truck floor space leading to inbound freight cost savings.

comparison of full-sized insulated shipping containers vs pur inserts that lie flat

pur panel inserts save 50% of space compared to eps containers

Reusable PUR tote panel inserts can be reused over and over again, making them an addition to any closed distribution loop. 

chill-pak reusable tote pur insert
Panels can be simply dismantled.

Another benefit of PUR knockdown panels is that there is a far lower chance of pilferage as the individual panels are of no use without the totes to line them with. Once the products are unloaded at the destination, totes and the panels can be simply dismantled and stored flat and transported back to the distribution point. The totes and panels can be easily reassembled to take on the next consignment. The reusability of the collapsible tote panels eliminates recycling costs while minimizing the environmental impact of the packaging. 

Chill-Pak™ Collapsible Insulated Panels for reusable totes are useful for pharmaceutical applications, biologics, chemicals as well as food applications. If you are interested to know more about how Chill-Pak™ can help you generate major savings in your cold chain transport costs, please contact us here.