Curbside Recyclable Shippers

Chill-Pak™ TempGuard™ recyclable padded insulated liners protect temperature sensitive and perishable goods in transit for an economical and curbside recyclable solution. Ideal cost-effective & eco-friendly replacement to non-recyclable Styrene (EPS) insulated shippers.

Winner of AmeriStar Award for Sustainable Packaging.

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Life Sciences Specialty Pharma Fresh/Frozen Food

Temp Range:

Frozen (0ºC), Refrigerated (2-8ºC), CRT (15ºC-25ºC)


24-48 hours (1-2 Day Shipping)
  • Constructed from heavy-duty kraft paper with inner padding (macerated paper) providing superior insulating properties
  • ISTA 20 3A/7E Qualified
  • Flexible packaging conforms to payload reducing size and costs
  • Minimizes damage during handing and transit
  • Absorbs condensation and does not leak

Cooler Specifications & Configurations

Product Id ID (in.) OD (in.) Temp Range Duration
TG14-0707077 x 7 x 78 x 8 x 82-8°C24-36h
TG14-0909099 x 9 x 910 x 10 x 102-8°C24-36h
TG14-11111111 x 11 x 1112 x 12 x 122-8°C24-36h
TG14-13131313 x 13 x 1314 x 14 x 142-8°C24-36h
TG14-15151515 x 15 x 1516 x 16 x 162-8°C24-36h
TG14-15101215.5 x 10 x 1216.5 x 11 x 132-8°C24-36h
TG24-0606066 x 6 x 68 x 8 x 82-8°C36-48h
TG24-0808088 x 8 x 810 x 10 x 102-8°C36-48h
TG24-10101010 x 10 x 1012 x 12 x 122-8°C36-48h
TG24-12121212 x 12 x 1214 x 14 x 142-8°C36-48h
TG24-141414 14 x 14 x 1416 x 16 x 162-8°C36-48h
TG24-140911 14.5 x 9 x 1116.5 x 11 x 132-8°C36-48h

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