Frozen 0℃

Chill-Pak™ polyurethane insulated shipping containers (ISCs) are ideal solutions for shipping larger cargo that need to be kept at frozen temperatures for overseas shipments or extended shipping cycles.

Industry :

  • Bio

  • Chemical

  • Food

  • Pharma

About Frozen Packaging Products:

  • Constructed of proprietary high-performance polyurethane foam
  • Boxes are 32ECT, C Flute RSC, regular slotted containers
  • Reduce costs associated with inbound and outbound freight, materials
    handling and packing, overnight mailings, and recyclable containers
  • Rigid construction to stand up to your most demanding shipment

Recommended Use

Biologics, chemical, and food applications. Extended shipping times for frozen products.
Cooler Specifications & Configurations
ID Shipping Duration* Payload Area Outside Dimensions Wall Thickness
PQ1005-1120-168h16.25 x 16.25 x 1420.63 x 20.625 x 18.252
PQ1006-G120-168h16.25 x 16.25 x 2620.63 x 20.625 x 30.252
PQ1007-4120-168h39 x 18.75 x 13.543.38 x 23.125 x 182
PQ1008-5120-168h52.25 x 18.25 x 13.556.63 x 23.125 x 182
PQ1009-B120-168h56 x 36 x 2058.38 x 44.375 x 28.383.625
PQ10010-S120-168h50 x 37 x 3257.63 x 44.625 x 39.63.625

Custom sizes and configurations are priced per order. Freight quotes available (FOB Origin Springfield, MO 65802). All custom orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable and may be subjected to a cancellation fee.

Contact us or your local sales representative for details.

* It is recommended customers should test Chill-PakTM ISC’s for use in their specific application, as products are not warranted for any particular use, performance standard, application or purpose.