PUR Unibody Shippers

Chill-Pak™ qualified insulated Shippers are designed to provide exceptional protection for parcel and bulk shipments under the most extreme temperatures and duration requirements. These are the highest performing PUR insulated shippers on the market.

Ideal in high-value applications that require rigorous thermal insulation against the rigorous temperature and duration requirements.

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Life Sciences Specialty Pharmaceuticals Fresh/Frozen Food

Temp Range:

Ultra Cold (-89ºC to -20ºC), Frozen (0ºC), Refrigerated (2-8ºC), CRT (15ºC-25ºC)


48-to-120-hours (3-5 Day Shipping)
  • ISTA 3A/7E Qualified as low as -89ºC up to 15ºC-25ºC at 48-to-120-hour
  • Most advanced high-performance polyurethane (PUR) insulation technology
  • Mass production capabilities, including short production runs
  • Secure one-piece rigid unibody design withstands the most extreme temperature and duration requirements
  • Longer duration allows shipment via Standard Ground, eliminating Overnight/Next-Day shipments
  • Reduce costs associated with product excursions/failures and reshipments
  • Recyclable

Cooler Specifications & Configurations

Product Id ID (in.) OD (in.) Temp Range Duration
CP100806-UNI10.5 x 8 x 6.516 x 13.125 x 12.52-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP140809-UNI14 x 8 x 9.519 x 13 x 15.252-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP151015-UNI15 x 10 x 15.519.625 x 15.25 x 21.252-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-120h
CP080808-UNI8 x 8 x 812 x 12 x 122-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP111108-UNI11 x 11 x 815 x 15 x 102-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP141414-UNI14 x 14 x 1418 x 18 x 182-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP241018-UNI24.5 x 10 x 1827.5 x 13 x 212-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-120h
CP161616-UNI16 x 16 x 1620 x 20 x 202-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-120h
CP211615-UNI21 x 16.5 x 1525 x 20 x 192-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-120h
CP140816-UNI14 x 8.5 x 1618 x 12.5 x 202-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP130710-UNI13 x 7 x 1017 x 11 x 142-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP161012-UNI16 x 10 x 1220 x 14 x 162-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP230918-UNI23 x 9.5 x 1827 x 13.5 x 222-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP140911-UNI14 x 9 x 1117 x 12 x 142-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP210906-UNI21 x 9.5 x 624 x 12.5 x 92-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP261612-UNI26 x 16 x 1230 x 20 x 162-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-120h
CP111106-UNI11 x 11 x 615 x 15 x 102-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP121210-UNI12 x 12 x 1015 x 15 x 132-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C48-96h
CP161614-1-UNI16.25 x 16.25 x 1420.63 x 20.625 x 18.25-89°C to 0°C72-168h
CP161626-G-UNI16.25 x 16.25 x 2620.63 x 20.625 x 30.25-89°C to 0°C72-168h
CP391813-4-UNI39 x 18.75 x 13.543.38 x 23.125 x 18-89°C to 0°C72-168h
CP521813-5-UNI52.25 x 18.25 x 13.556.63 x 23.125 x 18-89°C to 0°C72-168h
CP563620-B-UNI56 x 36 x 2058.38 x 44.375 x 28.38-89°C to 0°C72-168h
CP503732-S-UNI50 x 37 x 3257.63 x 44.625 x 39.6-89°C to 0°C72-168h

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