Return/Reuse Shippers

Chill-Pak™ 120-hour Reusable Shippers provides a true sustainable and cost-effective zero waste program where the cost per shipper is driven down through repeated return and reuse. Leveraging the high-end performance and unlimited reuse of PCM (phase change material) or brick refrigerant, Chill-Pak™ Reusable Shippers provide a cost-effective alternative to one-and-done shipper solutions over long shipping durations (72-to-120h).

  1. – Eliminate single-use shippers that end up in landfills
  2. – Eliminate “wet ice” and waste with single-use gel packs and refrigerants
  3. – Reduce packaging size, weight, and dimensions with smaller profile
  4. – Highest thermal protection available eliminating excursions and failures
  5. – Ship anywhere via Standard Ground up to 5-days from central location, including underdeveloped and remote locations

This solution is ideal if your business utilizes a closed distribution loop or repeatedly shipping to an end-user on weekly or monthly basis. If you do not have a closed distribution loop, Chill-Pak™ will help you easily and conveniently establish a no-hassle sustainable and cost-effective shipping process for you.

ISTA 7D/7E operationally qualified refrigerated (2-8°C), CRT (20-25°C) and frozen (-89°C to 0°C) solutions available.

Option to lease, pay-per-use, or purchase outright. Temperature monitoring available.

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Life Sciences Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Temp Range:

Ultra Cold (-89ºC to -20ºC), Frozen (0ºC), Refrigerated (2-8ºC), CRT (15ºC-25ºC)


48-to-120-hours (3-5 Day Shipping)
  • Ship anywhere via Standard Ground up to 5-days from central location, including underdeveloped and remote locations
  • Easy “do nothing” (hands-free) all-inclusive reclamation return/reuse process
  • Eliminate “wet ice” and waste found with gel packs and refrigerants. Leak-free PCM bottles have unlimited use.
  • Universal size reduces packaging size, weight, and dimensions
  • Operational Qualified ISTA 3A and 7D/7E
  • Zero waste

Cooler Specifications & Configurations

Product Id ID (in.) OD (in.) Temp Range Duration
CP121212-VIP11 x 11 x 1112 x 12 x 122-8°C, CRT, -80°C to 0°C72-120h

Contact us for additional sizes or custom requirements.

How it works:

  1. Step 1: Chill-Pak™ Facility
    • PREP & SCAN & SHIP – Reusable shippers are picked, scanned, and palletized for shipment at Chill-Pak™ facility. Shippers are sent to client distribution center.
  2. Step 2: Client Distribution Center
    • PACKOUT & SHIP – Shippers are packed out in accordance with SOP provided by Chill-Pak™. Secure no-hassle integrable web-based software enables client to place pre-printed shipping and return labels onto shipper. Client ships shipper via Standard Ground directly to end user.
  3. Step 3: End-User
    • RECEIVE & RETURN – End-user receives product and simply reverses flaps on package to have pre-printed shipping label shown on top. End-user ships directly to Chill-Pak™ reclamation center.
      Chill-Pak™ handles all management and logistics of returning shipper to reclamation center.
  4. Step 4: Reclamation
    • REUSE – Chill-Pak™ receives shipper. Shippers are unpacked, cleaned, sanitized, and refurbished for reuse.

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