Collapsible Reusable Tote Panels

Chill-Pak™ Collapsible Insulated Panels for Plastic Reusable Totes

Chill-Pak™ pre-qualified recyclable polyurethane (PUR) insulated knock-down tote panels provide exceptional protection for temperature-sensitive food, pharma, and biologic applications over longer shipping cycles. Ship CRT, refrigerated, and frozen products anywhere safely, confidently, and cost-effectively.

Reusable and sustainable interlocking collapsible tote panels for long-term reusability within closed-distribution cycles using plastic reusable bins. Choose panels for standard tote sizes or allow us to retrofit panels to fit your existing custom tote sizes.

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Life Sciences Specialty Pharmaceuticals Fresh/Frozen Food

Temp Range:

Frozen (-20ºC to 0ºC), Refrigerated (2-8ºC), CRT (15ºC-25ºC)


48-to-72-hours (2-3 Day Shipping)
  • ISTA 3A/7E Operational Qualified to maintain temperatures for up to 72-hours
  •  Maintains temperature-sensitive products over longer shipping cycles. Typically runs 48-72h for 2-8c and CRT applications compared to EPS (Styrofoam)
  • Chill-Pak™ unique “knock-down” collapsible panel design allows insulated panels to arrive flat, saving valuable warehouse and truck floor space while reducing inbound freight costs
  • Polyurethane panels are exceptionally durable and do not flake or have brittle properties
  • Simplifies and normalizes the distribution process flow by eliminating “set asides” or special handling in line with existing operational processes
  • Eliminates the need of overnight shipping. Ship totes via your service fleet, LT freight, or ground for longer shipping cycles
  • Does not absorb spillage (seepage) or condensation. Easy to clean. Recyclable

Cooler Specifications & Configurations

Product Id ID (in.) OD (in.) Temp Range Duration
CP171206-TOTE17.5 x 12.5 x 620.5 x 15.5 x 92-8°C, CRT, -20°C to 0°C48-72h
CP191110-TOTE19.5 x 11 x 1022.5 x 14 x 132-8°C, CRT, -20°C to 0°C48-72h
CP201109-TOTE20 x 11 x 919.5 x 11 x 102-8°C, CRT, -20°C to 0°C48-72h

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