Custom Shape Molded Shippers

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Do you have unique temperature assurance or protective packaging requirements that require a consistent and precise fit to insulate and protect your product over longer durations?Chill-Pak™ proprietary shape-molding capabilities provide custom turn-key solutionswithout the expense of costly custom molds.Temperature Assurance Packaging Applications
Custom packaging applications are limitless. From cheesecakes to dual-compartment blood shippers requiring multiple temperatures, we can instantly design a custom package just for your product or application.

  1. Life Science Applications
    • Blood shippers (with dual compartments), Cryo-based shippers, UPS/FedEx shippers
  2. Chemical Applications
    • Large unibody and box-in-box shippers (over 50″L with 4″ wall thickness)
  3. Food Applications
    • Ice cream and cake shippers, cheesecake shippers, pizza shippers

Protective Packaging Applications
Chill-Pak™ designs and mass produces foam cushions such as end caps for industrial protective packaging applications. Our fully automated systems create engineered, pre-molded foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications.

  • Reduce packaging size, weight and dimensions with custom profile
  • Avoid selecting from “standard available sizes” that do not meet your requirements
  • Protective packaging specific to your shape or application