Custom Packaging Solutions

Have specific packaging needs? Contact Chill-Pak™ to create customized molded cushions for products that require a consistent, precise fit and superior product protection.

Our expertise in package design and manufacturing capabilities combine to allow us to create the perfect container for your needs. From cheesecakes to blood shippers, we can custom design a package just for your products.

With over 100 years of combined experience in custom packaging design and manufacturing, Chill-Pak™ can quickly design and produce custom solutions that meet your temperature assurance, industrial, and protective packaging requirements. From cheesecakes to end caps to blood shippers with dual compartments for shipping at multiple temperatures, we can custom design a package just for your application.

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Custom Shipper for Food

Temperature Assurance Packaging

When it comes to temperature assurance packaging, we excel in specialized applications. We can help you do the following:

  1. Reduce packaging size, weight, and dimensions with a smaller profile
  2. Increase thermal protection and performance (avoiding super freezing or heat spoilage)
  3. Avoid selecting from “standard available sizes” that do not meet your requirements
  4. Help design thermal shippers specific to your shape or application

Some of the custom insulated temperature assurance applications we have designed and manufactured include (but are not limited to):

  1. BioPharma Applications

    1. Blood shippers (with dual compartments)
    2. Cryo-based shippers
    3. UPS and FedEx shippers
  2. Chemical Applications

    1. Large unibody and box-in-box shippers (over 50″L with 4″ wall thickness)
  3.  Food Applications

    1. Ice cream and cake shippers
    2. Cheesecake shippers
    3. Pizza shippers

Industrial and Protective Packaging

We also design and mass produce foam cushions for industrial protective packaging applications. Our fully automated systems create engineered, pre-molded foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications.

Cooler Specifications & Configurations
ID Temp Range Shipping Duration* Payload Area Outside Dimensions Wall Thickness
PMC-977Frozen2-3 Days9 x 7 x 712 x 10 x 101.5
PMC-1299Frozen2-3 Days12 x 9 x 915 x 12 x 121.5
Reusable ToteRefrig. / Frozen2-3 Days20 x 11 x 923 x 14 x 121.5