Vaccine Shippers

Chill-Pak™ qualified insulated Shippers are designed to provide exceptional protection for parcel and bulk shipments of Specialty Pharmaceutical applications including COVID-19 vaccines under extreme temperatures over longer shipping cycles.

Ideal parcel shipper solution for national and global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Life Sciences Biologics Pharmaceuticals

Temp Range:

Ultra Cold (-89ºC to -20ºC), Frozen (0ºC), Refrigerated (2-8ºC), CRT (15ºC-25ºC)


72-to-120-hours (3-5 Day Shipping)
  • ISTA 3A/7E Qualified to -89ºC and 72-to-120-hours
  • Most advanced high-performance polyurethane (PUR) insulation technology
  • Mass production capabilities, including short production runs
  • Secure one-piece rigid unibody design withstands the most extreme temperature and duration requirements
  • Longer duration allows shipment via Standard Ground, eliminating Overnight/Next-Day shipments
  • Reduce overall dimensions and weight
  • Recyclable

Cooler Specifications & Configurations

Product Id ID (in.) OD (in.) Product Payload Temp Range Duration
CP080808-UNI-R2008 x 8 x 812x12x1250ml-89ºC to -70ºC60h
CP120908-UNI-R20012 x 9 x 816 x 13 x 12125ml-89ºC to -70ºC72h
CP161614-UNI-R20016 x 16 x 1419.25 x 19,25 x 143786mL-89ºC to -70ºC120h

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