Chill-Pak™ manufactures and stocks pre-qualified parcel and pallet solutions, as well as polyurethane containers for your temperature controlled packaging needs. With our proprietary manufacturing capabilities, we also provide custom shape molding solutions for unique applications.

Pre-Qualified Solutions

Chill-Pak™ pre-qualified cold chain packaging solutions guarantee the maintenance of internal payload temperatures of highly sensitive products and extend the shipping cycle under normal or extreme weather conditions. Our pre-qualified solutions are designed and thermal tested at our testing laboratory to ensure that your shipment of products will remain fully protected from all threats and risks of distribution.

Pre-qualified parcel and pallet solutions come with specifications, performance testing, certification, and pack out procedures that ensure optimal performance for the entire duration of the shipping process. Our off-the-shelf solutions save you significant time and capital investment of going through certification.

PUR Containers

Chill-Pak™ offers a variety of in-stock polyurethane insulated shipping containers ready for immediate shipment needs. PUR containers are manufactured using high performance polyurethane foam that ensures all valuable temperature sensitive products remain within the specific temperature range during transit at frozen, refrigerated, or controlled room temperatures.

Advantages of PUR vs. EPS

  • Polyurethane offer much greater insulation capabilities (R-value) than EPS containers.
  • Designed to provide cushioning and anti-shock protection during transit.
  • Temperature sensitive products are protected over longer shipping periods.
  • Eco-friendly (CFC and HCFC free).
  • Meets international clean air regulations.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process.
  • Reusable.

Shape Molding

Have specific packaging needs ? Chill-Pak can create customized polyurethane molded cushions for products that require a consistent, precise fit, and superior product protection. Our fully automated systems create engineered pre-modeled foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications.